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17 November 2011 @ 08:00 am
When all the clocks are spinning backwards  
Hey y'all. Some fun things in my life: I finally got a flickr pro account! This had been something I had wanted for YEARS. All the photos from Australia are up there now. Including adorable animals. I also gave my domain page a facelift. (Heck yeah!) And I renamed my twitter account. And gave my tumblr a new layout. And posted on my sketchblog after changing the layout there too. But what I really want to post about is the new music rotation/playlist that I put up. I've been consistently changing it at least every two seasons for about two years now. This time 'round there are some songs with really excellent lyrics.

This playlist touches on the light and dark parts of relationships, the willful destruction of relationships (and the world itself, in some songs) and eventual rebuilding, or at least being able to look back on what happened. I posted the lyrics I liked best in case anyone was remotely curious. I'm placing the lyrics behind a cut and whatnot because I imagine the post is going to get quite long.

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain

"Listen to the wind blow, down comes the night

Run in the shadows
Damn your love, damn your lies

Break the silence
Damn the dark, damn the light

And if you don't love me now
You will never love me again
I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain"

Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale

"And I ride along side,
And I rode along side you then,
And I rode along side -- 'til the honey spread itself so thin,
For me to break your bread, for me to take your word. I had to steal it."

"Way up north I took my day, all in all was a pretty nice day and,
I put the hood right back where you could taste heaven perfectly.
Feel out the summer breeze, didn't know when we'd be back and I-
I don't- didn't think we'd end up like, like this..."

Loreena McKennitt - Beneath a Phrygian Sky

"We wondered where our God was
In the face of so much pain
And I looked up to the stars above
To find you once again

We travelled the wide oceans
Heard many call your name
With sword and gun and hatred
It all seemed much the same

Some used your name for glory
Some used it for their gain
Yet when liberty lay wanting
No lives were lost in vain"

Florence + The Machine - No Light, No Light

"No light, no light in your bright blue eyes,
I never knew daylight could be so violent.
A revelation in the light of day,
You can’t chose what stays and what fades away."

"Would you leave me,
If I told you what I’ve done?
And would you leave me,
If I told you what I’ve become?
Because it’s so easy,
To sing it to a crowd,
But it’s so hard, my love,
To say it to you, out loud."

Adele - Set Fire to the Rain

"I set fire to the rain
Watched it pour as I touched your face
Let it burn while I cried
'Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name

I set fire to the rain
And I threw us into the flames
Where I felt somethin' die
'Cause I knew that that was the last time, the last time, oh"

U2 - Until the End of the World

"Last time we met was a low-lit room
We were as close together as a bride and groom
We ate the food, we drank the wine
Everybody having a good time
Except you
You were talking about the end of the world"

"Waves of regret and waves of joy
I reached out for the one I tried to destroy
You, you said you'd wait
Till the end of the world"

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals - Colors

"This is the greatest time of day
When all the clocks are spinning backwards
And all the ropes that bind begin to fray
And all the black and white turns into colors

You want to sink into the colors on the wall
But all the while you are the brightest of them all"

The Rolling Stones - Wild Horses

"I know I dreamed you a sin and a lie
I have my freedom, but I don't have much time
Faith has been broken, tears must be cried
Let's do some living after love dies"

Lana Del Rey - Blue Jeans

"You went out every night, and baby that's alright
I told you that no matter what you did I'd be by your side
Cause I'm a ride or die, whether you fail or fly
Well shit, at least you tried.
But when you walked out that door, a piece of me died
I told you I wanted more, but that's not what I had in mind
I just want it like before, we were dancin' all night
Then they took you away, stole you out of my life"

Regina Spektor - The Call

"Pick a star on the dark horizon
And follow the light
You'll come back when it's over
No need to say goodbye "

"Now we're back to the beginning
It's just a feeling and no one knows yet
But just because they can't feel it too
Doesn't mean that you have to forget
Let your memories grow stronger and stronger
'Til they're before your eyes
You'll come back
When they call you
No need to say goodbye"

"Fire and Blood", an instrumental track from Game of Thrones, is in there, as well as a Hilary Stagg piece called "Land of Oz". I meant both as a contrast to one another.

Anyway hope everyone is doing well. I've had a heck of a lot of spam comments lately so this post might magically become friends-only in the near future.
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Jenniecoervus on November 17th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
I love your playlists tbh. I should check out Grace Potter + the Nocturnals, that one song was really, really lovely. And I don't listen to enough female vocalists!
the wandering fire: ladies | dancing in the deepest oceansunfall on November 17th, 2011 11:36 pm (UTC)
This comment made my day! I posted this and imagined everyone would scoff at the playlist (mostly because of Adele and U2, ha! But I make no apologies for the songs I picked, they're some of the best tracks they've respectively put out). This gives me HOPE FOR THE FUTURE.

I might be really into female vocalists, now that you said that. HURM. We should have a trade-off. How about it?
Jenniecoervus on November 17th, 2011 11:56 pm (UTC)
:D! U2, considered scoff-worthy? Le sad. And I've still barely listened Adele but I know she's a legit musician whose talent the entire world just happened to notice, so...

Yeah, female vocalists are kind of a weird thing for me. I've tried making myself listen to them more but I feel like every time I just end up drifting back to dudes with guitars. It might just be that I'm all FORCING it and making into too much of a thing. Like, maybe I can't really get into Marketa Irglova's solo stuff or Laura Marling because I don't like their respective styles! And not because they're women! IDK. But yes. I reallyreallyreally love St. Vincent and Neko Case and Beach House and Patty Griffin and Janelle Monae and Kelly Clarkson. Also: Julie Andrews. Even when she's not singing. ♥
the wandering fire: les temps sont durs pour les rêveurssunfall on November 18th, 2011 03:37 am (UTC)
You have definitely named some badass ladiez. You should try some (takes deep breath) more Florence, Marina and the Diamonds, more Tori Amos, some Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill is a classic, but the acoustic version is SUPERB), Sia, Camera Obscura, The Sounds, Metric, Goldfrapp, Kate Nash. See how you go :3
S.stormydown on November 18th, 2011 12:20 am (UTC)
I love this playlist guuuurl. Great U2 pick, I love the Biblical metaphors in it!
the wandering fire: ladies | {inara} time just slipssunfall on November 18th, 2011 03:26 am (UTC)
Thanks love! I didn't even put in my favorite lyric from it- "In the garden I was playing the tart / I kissed your lips and broke your heart" - so good